• Image of Random Encounter (Self-Titled)
  • Image of Random Encounter (Self-Titled)

Many moons ago before the current line up of the band a demo was worked on for eons. (released 03/19/2010)

1.Ahead on our Way (FFV) 02:18
2.Cornelia (FF1) 01:23
3.Overworld FF1 01:10
4.Boat (FF1) 01:37
5.Epitaph (FFVI) 01:11
6.Searching Friends (FFVI) 01:41
7.Marble Zone (Sonic) 01:50
8.Those Who Fight Further 02:33
9.Clash at the Big Bridge 02:22
10.Introduction theme (Castlevania) 00:07
11.Vampire Killer (CV) 01:10
12.Stalker (CV) 01:23
13.Wicked Child (CV) 01:55
14.Terra (FFVI) 03:17

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